November 09, 2017

Add people to your account more easily with Organization Invite Links

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Traditionally, adding people to a Timelapse account meant sending email invites one by one to the people you wanted to add. It's an easy process when you need to add just a few people, but it's not so efficient for larger organizations.

To make this process easier, we're introducing today Organization Invite Links. By creating an Invite Link for your organization, you're allowing anyone with the link to join your account. There's no need to send out invites on an individual basis, just one link everyone can use.

As most organizations already have a way to communicate with all of their employees or partners, there's just this one link to communicate or store somewhere. It's great too for when new people join the company, providing the Invite Link can be part of the on-boarding process and they can simply add themselves.

Creating an Invite Link

Only account owners and admins can create an invite link. If you're an account owner or admin, go to Account -> Manage People -> Create an invite link
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Allow anyone with the link to join this account
By selecting this option, anyone who has the link will be able to create an account.

Only allow [] email addresses
Even though the invite link is pretty much impossible to guess, for added security, it's possible to restrict registrations to a specific email address domain.

Setting permission
The permission you set there will be the permission given automatically to people joining the account through the link.

You're now ready to copy the generated link and share it!

This is what people will see when they click on the link:
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It's possible to create multiple links, so you can have one link giving access to a Help Center and another link giving access to another Help Center. Or have different links for different permission or email domain restrictions.