May 25, 2018

Give your visitors control over cookies & tracking

Our platform use cookies and so does your Help Center. You might want to notify your visitors of the use of such cookies as well as ask for their consent, and we want to make sure you have a way to easily do that.

Meet the new Cookies & Tracking Control Panel

We released this week the Cookies & Tracking Control Panel that can be added to your Help Center in just a few clicks.

Enabling the Cookies & Tracking Control Panel will add an additional option in the footer of your site to trigger a control panel similar to this one:

cookies-control-panel-whitebg.png 30.92 KB

Turning the switch off will have the following effect:
  • Destroy cookies used by Timelapse analytics engine and turn off tracking for future page views
  • Turn off Google Analytics tracking if enabled. Existing Google Analytics cookies won't be deleted since they're out of our control, but we'll tell Google Analytics to stop registering page views through their user opt-out feature.

Asking for consent before tracking and storing cookies

If you want to ask for consent before doing any sort of tracking and using cookies, the control panel can be automatically shown to your visitors, with a slightly different flavor:

cookies-consent-whitebg.png 34.63 KB

No tracking will be performed unless explicit consent is given by the visitor.

We also provide a way to ask for consent to everyone or just people from the European Union. If you choose to only ask for consent to people from the EU, we'll do our best to geolocate each visitor and only show the prompt when necessary.

More about this

You can learn about this, including on how to set it up, by reading our help article.