May 01, 2018

Improve search coverage with custom search phrases

It can sometimes be challenging to include in an article all possible keywords someone might search for to get to the article.

Take for instance the situation where an article contains mostly attachments like PDF documents or links to external resources. There's very little actual content for our search engine to index, so it will make the article harder to be found.

Or what if there are just many variations you could use for a title? Let's say we're writing an article about adding or inviting users, there are many possibilities for the title:
  • Adding users
  • Inviting users
  • Adding someone
  • Inviting someone
  • ...
Of course we could include these variations somehow within the content, but it's not always a great fit and doesn't always feel natural.

Meet custom search phrases

Custom search phrases make managing situations like these easier. They are search phrases you can add to articles that won't be visible to visitors, but will be to the Timelapse search engine.

From any article, you'll now see the Custom search phrases box on the right.
invite-custom-search-phrases.png 64.16 KB

Just press Configure and enter the additional search phrases the article should cover.
customphrases.png 24.05 KB

We hope this will help you improve search coverage for your articles and make your Help Center's experience better.