July 09, 2018

Tables 😍

We're really excited to announce the support for tables in Timelapse's text editor!

Starting today, you will see a table icon within the text editor's toolbar allowing you to add and edit tables. To allow the text editor to remain clean and uncluttered, while still providing advanced editing capabilities, tables have a dedicated editing interface.

That interface should feel visually familiar to anyone who has edited content in Timelapse:
The dedicated table editor interface

Text formatting options are limited when compared to the regular text editor, but should be more than enough for most situations. As for the table itself, the header can be turned on or off and rows/columns can be added or removed as needed.

Within the text editor, tables are treated as attachments, much like files, images and videos. This means they can be moved around easily and copy-pasted from one article to another.
A table within the text editor appearing as an attachment

All tables created will be mobile friendly by being scrollable horizontally if they're too large.

We hope this is a helpful addition and that this will help you improve your help articles!

— The Timelapse team