January 29, 2018

Now with reactions and feedback

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Asking for feedback and knowing if your Help Center visitors found your content helpful or not is a great way to improve your knowledge base. That's why we're adding reactions and feedback support to all Help Centers.

Reaction Vs. Feedback

It's easy to confuse reaction with feedback. Someone rating an article with a thumbs-up or thumb-down isn't really feedback, it's more of a reaction. It's useful, but what does a thumbs-down really mean? Is the article completely bad or was there just a few pieces missing? Or does it mean something wasn't just clear enough? You won't know unless you ask.

That's what feedback is — something you can take action on — like when someone leaves a comment on why a help article seems incomplete.

Everything starts with a reaction

Everything starts with a reaction and the rest is up to you. We first let you pick your favorite emoji to represent what you consider a positive, neutral or negative reaction.
Choosing reaction emojis

Then, you to decide when to ask for feedback. The default is following a neutral or negative reaction, but that's entirely up to you.
Configuring feedback

Automatically added to articles

When you enable the Reactions & Feedback module, a prompt to ask for feedback will be added automatically at the bottom of articles.

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Reactions & Feedback reports

We've, of course, put together reports to help you get an overview.

Reactions report

A summary of all reactions for every article that you can sort in multiple ways to see what are the best and worst performing articles.

Feedback report

Quickly view all feedback left on your Help Center.
Feedback report

Article summary report

Pick an article from one of the two other reports and you'll get a summary of reactions and feedback for the article.

Give it a shot

The Reactions & Feedback module is enabled on all new Help Centers by default, but deactivated on existing sites. You can enable the module from the Help Center settings screen.