December 08, 2017

Introducing Docs — A new section type for your Knowledge Base

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Writing documentation sometimes come with the need to create a user guide, a how-to guide or a manual and the more traditional help topic/article navigation flow isn't always the best fit.

So we created a new section type called Docs to make it easier and more natural to write guides and manuals. Instead of the more traditional navigation flow, a Docs section feels like a user guide.
With Docs, the first article is your home page. The left navigation is always there, with the article content on the right.

It's not just a new layout, it's an optimized writing experience too. In Docs, everything is an article and you simply nest articles within each other to create the structure.

This means you can have a welcome page as well as loose articles or groups of related articles.
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Creating a Docs Section

When creating a new section, there's now an option to select a type. Help Topics remains the default and still gives you the ability to group articles by topics. By selecting Docs / Guide, you'll get a navigation and a writing experience that is optimized for help guides.
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Can I convert an existing section to this new type?
Not at the moment, due to the fundamental difference in how both section types are structured.

Can I mix regular Help Topics sections with Docs sections?
Sure! It's still just a section, so both types can coexist.