Configuring a custom domain + SSL Certificate

It's possible to use your own domain name with Timelapse such as

1. Head to Help Center Settings
settings.png 125.02 KB

2. Click General

3. Enter your custom domain (e.g.:
help center name subdomain.png 31.14 KB

4. Create a DNS CNAME record for your custom domain and have it point to

As with anything that has to do with DNS, the change can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

SSL Certificate for your custom domain

As long as your site remains as a subdomain of, your Help Center will use our very own SSL Certificate. But what about if you use your own domain name?

We can configure a SSL certificate for your custom domain and we'll take care of everything -- from getting the certificate to renewing it. Just contact support and we'll set you up.
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