Creating and managing sections

Introduction to Content Sections

You can think of a content section as a group of topics and articles inside a Help Center. Each content section gets their own list of topics and articles. It is also possible to change the layout of each section independently.

When creating a new Help Center, a default section is created for you automatically.

Sections are particularly useful when managing multiple product lines or multiple brands and when managing content around different themes.
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Creating a new section

Go to Knowledge Base and click on + New Section.

Give the section at least a name, the description is optional.

Changing sections order

Go to Knowledge Base and click on Change order at the top. Please note that this option is only available when you have more than one content section.

Then, just drag the sections around to change their order.

Removing a section

Go to Knowledge Base and click on Preferences for the Content Section you would like to remove. Then select the Info box and click the red Permanently delete link. 

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