Custom footer blocks

Footer blocks are a way to promote additional content and are displayed in the Help Center footer. In the following screenshot, Want to build a help center like this one? is a footer block: 110.9 KB

To create a footer block, head to Help Center Settings and select the Footer Blocks tile.
helpcentersettings.png 56.67 KB

From this screen, you can change the order of the blocks or create a new one.
footer blocks screen.png 28.65 KB

Click + New Footer Block to create a footer block.
new footer block.png 21.81 KB

Title: a title to introduce the block.
Description: a description to provide more context.
Call to action (optional): this will create a button and the label of the button will be the text you enter here.
Call to action destination: the URL where you want the button to lead .
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