Configuring Cookies & Tracking Consent

Our platform use cookies and you might be required to provide a way for your visitors to opt-in or opt-out of cookies and tracking. Timelapse provides some options to help with this.

Cookies used by Timelapse and by your Help Center

First, it's important to list the type of cookies Timelapse uses so that you can take the appropriate actions to notify your visitors and include the right information within your privacy policy.

All cookies we use are first-party cookies. You might end up serving third party cookies by embedding external content like YouTube videos, but this is beyond the scope of this article.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are cookies required to providing the service. This includes cookies like session cookies or to store preferences. They cannot be turned off, their role is purely to make the user experience more enjoyable and no personal information is contained within these cookies.

Tracking cookies

Timelapse provides analytics on how people use your Help Center. To make this possible, our analytics platform rely on cookies, so first party cookies are used to identify each visitor and each visit.

If you're using our Google Analytics integration, Google Analytics will make use of cookies to track your visitors.

These cookies are considered optional and Timelapse provides a way for your visitors to opt-out of tracking, both from Google Analytics and our analytics engine.

Steps we take to protect user information through our analytics platform and integrations

We're taking various measures to ensure people browsing your site do so by giving as little information as possible:

  • IP Anonymization --  IP addresses are considered Personal Identifiable Information and for this reason, as of May 23, 2018, all IPs stored by our analytics engine are anonymized. If you're using our Google Analytics integration, IP Anonymization is on by default too. Learn more about IP Anonymization.
  • Anonymous Search data -- Every search made through your Help Center are saved so you can better understand what people search for. Search data is not linked to any user data. As a result, all searches are anonymous.
  • Cookies & Tracking Control Panel -- if you're required or simply want to provide a way for your visitors to opt-out of tracking, Timelapse offers a way for your visitors to do so. The same option can be used to ask for consent before doing any sort of tracking.

The Cookies & Tracking Control Panel

Enabling the Cookies & Tracking Control Panel will add an additional option in the footer of your Help Center to trigger a control panel similar to this one:
cookies-control-panel-whitebg.png 30.92 KB

Turning the switch off will have the following effect:
  • Destroy cookies used by Timelapse analytics engine and turn off tracking for future page views
  • Turn off Google Analytics tracking if enabled. Existing Google Analytics cookies won't be deleted since they're out of our control, but we'll tell Google Analytics to stop registering page views through their user opt-out feature.

Enabling the Cookies & Tracking Control Panel

Go to Help Center Settings and select Cookies & Tracking Preferences
cookies tiles.png 39.62 KB

From there, turn the switch on:
cookie-control-switch.png 23.19 KB

Configure the control panel to display a message correctly describing your use of cookies & tracking, and optionally add a link to your privacy policy:
control-panel-config.png 60.19 KB

Asking for consent before tracking and storing cookies

If your visitors are located within the European Union, you might be required to ask for consent before doing any sort of tracking or storing cookies.

Still from the same screen, enable the Ask for explicit consent option in the Restrict tracking and cookies panel.
explicit-consent-ask.png 59.17 KB

Configure the labels for the accept and deny cookies options and a message similar to this one will be displayed automatically to all your visitors. Take note that tracking and cookies will be turned off until your visitors have agreed, thus impacting analytics accuracy.
cookies-consent-whitebg.png 34.63 KB

Just ask to European Union visitors

If you enable this option, we'll do our best to figure out where each visitor is coming from and only ask for consent to visitors coming from the EU. Tracking and cookies will be turned on by default for all other visitors.
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