Inviting collaborators or members

You can invite people to your account by going to Account > Manage People. From there, select Invite Someone.

Selecting an account-level role

Users can have one of these two account-level roles:

  1. Account Owner
    An account owner can manage everything on an account, including billing.

  2. Account Admin
    An account admin can manage everything except billing.

Selecting a Help Center level role

You can also specify Help Center level roles by selecting Specify what this person has access to.
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Users can have one of these three Help Center level roles:

  1. Admin
    Admin can manage every aspect of the Help Center, including inviting new people to this Help Center specifically, but can't manage anything at the account level.

  2. Editor
    An editor can manage content and view analytics, but can't invite anyone.

  3. Member
    A member is only useful if your Help Center is private. A member will be able to login and access the Help Center, but won't be able to access the administrative portion and won't be able to manage content.

Can this person view secret topics?

Timelapse allows you to create secret topics. These topics can only be seen by admin users or by users who have been specifically granted the permission. Turn the switch on to allow the user to access secret topics.
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